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Meet OMorador, a singer from São Paulo who makes music with mpb influences and drinks from Rnb and Latin music sources.

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A singer and songwriter for over 20 years, Fábio Vieira, 38, is releasing his newest work under the name OMorador. The debut song is “Sem Bateria”, which talks about the days when we make up every possible excuse not to go to the club and stay at home, enjoying our solitude and a good movie. With a strong beat, guitar, acoustic guitar and percussion giving way to the lyrics, OMorador describes his aversion to boring people, but he never stops saying that he wants to go out into the world and be happy. With a catchy chorus, the song “Sem Bateria” is the start of this journey.

The stage name “OMorador” comes from the fact that Fábio shares everything that goes on in his private musical universe, everything that is inside between mind and heart. OMorador resides inside me, and he's ready to go out a few times and make music.

Photo by: @konfotografia
The song “Sem Bateria” is available on all digital platforms, and will soon have a music video on his YouTube channel. All the musical production and audio visual work is done by the artist himself, who has his own bedroom as the base for his HQ, where he makes his musical productions.



OMorador: @omoradormusic

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